Is There A God

Is There A God


Purpose: To strengthen the belief in God using scientific theories and mathematical equations.
Thematic Statement: The universe that we live in is much too big and complex to have happened by chance, and there are scientific and mathematic equations to back up my beliefs.

I. Is there a God
A. Belief of God is more questioned today than ever
1. As science advances, men question more
2. Men today have more pride than ever
a. Refusal to believe that God is over them
b. Want to feel that they are above all
c. In the words of Charles Spurgeon ?Men will allow God to be everywhere except on his throne?
d. Men want help but not leadership
B. The only question that matters
1. Influences our attitudes
2. Influences our personality
3. How we spend our money
4. Everything about us
C. The answer will show us what?s after death
1. Heaven
2. Hell
3. No life after death
D. If there is a God, who is he
1. Indians believed in Sun God
2. Greeks worshipped Zeus
3. Some people to are atheists
4. Christians worship Jehovah

II. Proving Gods existence
A. Numbers to big for universe to happen by chance
1. The sun
a. Has a diameter of 864,000 miles
b. Any bigger everything collapses into it
c. Smaller everything flies off
2. The earth
a. A diameter of 8,000 miles
b. If smaller, earth has no atmosphere
c. Travels at 67,000 miles per hour
d. 93 million miles from sun
e. If farther we freeze
f. Closer we burn up
3. Earths atmosphere
a. 71% Nitrogen
b. 21% Oxygen
c. 2% Other
d. Any

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