Genesis Eve


The Book of Genesis derived from a well-organized, civilized society. The Priestly editor composed the first five books in the Bible. The second account of Creation originated in the ancient oral culture. The Yahwist editor wrote the Creation story. Genesis, the book of beginnings, tells the origins of the Jewish race and culture. It traces the ancestors of the people of Israel from the beginning of the world. The Bible has one overall theme creation, fall, and redemption (Ralph, ?And God Said What? 19-23). This passage reflects the creation of all, the fall of man and the redemption by God.
A myth, an imaginative story, uses symbols to explore reality beyond a person?s comprehension. The Fall of Man explains why humans suffer. Societies adopted myths that functioned in a spiritual and moral world. These myths were based on the needs and experiences of the audience. People talk about the events in which God reveals himself. Parts of the oral tradition are gradually written down. Throughout history, people collect and edit oral and written traditions. Some stories were revised to accommodate generations

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