Women Then And Now

Women: Then And Now

Women in Society: Then and Now
Women in any society, no matter what the time period, have never been viewed as complete equals. Women did not get to make many of their own choices and a majority of the time; there life was mainly mapped out for them prior to adulthood. However, some readings and writings about how women were portrayed in society have been given a twist. Readings such as ?Trifles?, by Susan Glaspell, puts a more realistic view on the nature of how women, in the past, lived their lives and were seen in society. Other readings such as ?A Midsummer Night?s Dream?, by William Shakespeare, puts more of an imaginary view of how women grew up and lived their lives.
In ?Trifles?, Mrs. Wright lived an unhappy life. She was married to her household duties rather than to her husband. The things that she did in her daily routine were never appreciated and were considered ?trifles?. Mrs. Wright didn?t have much to call her own, not even her own life. So it?s no wonder as to why she took pride in the things that she did have. During the

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